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Suddenly typing sexual stuff to people without their consent or knowing if theyre ok hearing that is sexual harassment and I wish people wouldnt do it. Even if someones a shitty garbage transphobe you can address that without sexually harassing them, Thanks 

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Going to School


think of all the people who scrolled away

Is this Up?

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boop i’m going AWAY for some time today so i should just focus on that but i’m in CLASS and need to super focus on what i’m gonna present next week so fdghhghghghdfkgj

hmm if i make a blog for jlee stuff should i just name it orchid bay paradise or



applesflyhigh's and youweremyridehome's cosplays from today's animemöll!! my pictures came out so shitty i thought i'd draw them instead haha



GLTAS ~ heroic sacrifices 



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Title page of Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories & tragedies : published according to the true originall copies. (First Folio) 

William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He was baptised on 26 April 1564 and his birthday is traditionally celebrated on 23 April, which is also the anniversary of his death. 

The photograph above shows the title page of the First Folio. The Library holds a copy of all four Folios. The Library’s copy of the first folio is the only known copy in Australia.

Read more about the Folios on our website.

To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, there will be a special event at the Library today. Between 12pm and 3pm the Folios will be on display in the Shakespeare Room at the Library. Find out more about this event here.

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Social Justice Warrior?? okay but we’re gonna need a Social Justice Thief and a Social Justice Cleric cuz I’m a Social Justice Witch and don’t have party heals. Might need a Social Justice Paladin if the war isn’t specced into defense plus maybe another Social Justice DPS to round the party out

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TA DAA!!! My twitter blew up about this weekend so I scribbled an informal invite. These are already public events so even if you don’t see me there you can go and have a nice time with friends.

On Saturday I’ll be at the pop up Cat Cafe from 10am to noonish.

On Sunday I’ll be at the 2014 Sakura Matsuri from 10am to 6pm-ish.

For the Sakura Matsuri you don’t need to be there the whole time. I just love being outside want to take advantage of not having to go to work that day. If I decide to go a bit later (say noon?) I’ll let ya’ll know on Friday. That being said my favorite part of the Sakura Matsuri is the Samurai Sword Soul show that goes on at the end.

I will be wearing my kitty ears bowler hat to both events because it is new and cute. Feel free to tweet or text me if you get to either event and want to find me.

No outside food, drinks, or pets are allowed to either event.

Hey all, this is where I’ll be at this weekend! I’ll only be at Matsuri for a short period of time, but if you wanna come and hang out with us you are more then welcome to! :)

oh yeah i went to the dentist today because of my super-huge sudden hole. it feels great to not have a hole back there ahaha (dang tho, the anesthesia wearing off feels really weird? euuughh)


The third years of Karasuno ♥