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Tags: symbionic titan, cat_gifs, Juniper Lee tag,motorcity,paranorman,combination inspiration and references tag, cats, cat, homestuck, me, music. If there’s anything else, I’m sure it is at least partially tagged.


specifically art tumblr;
there’s mostly fanart on this(dA);
estonian blog that i rarely use ever;
supposed “progress blog”;  

Hi! This might seem a bit confusing at first. Let me start at the beginning… I started blogging in the year… no wait, that’s even more confusing. The name’s Anni and here on this blog i post whatever the hell i feel like. Everything here is a huge mess though, so probably visit the artblog first if you’re here for my art activity. Otherwise you may find some of drawings posted here as well. Most things get tagged right away or sometime eventually. 

I like reading comics and watching animation and anything inbetween so you may find that here as well vWv 

My Twitter feed is really good at acting like a description though,so here. Nevermind. Haven’t used it in ages.

Aand that’s it! I think. There’s probably more but i kinda obfuscate myself around the web so. idk i’ll leave it at that.