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Written in the Bones. New comic, written by Christopher M. Jones & illustrated by Carey Pietsch.

I’m hoping to have printed copies of this at MOCCA, ABPCC, and TCAF this spring, and SPX in the fall! More info to come.

Me and Carey worked really hard on this comic; if you got something from it I’d love for you to reblog it, and maybe even buy a copy from Carey when she’s in town or even if she’s not. Thanks so much for reading. 

My heart hurts. </3



Anya and Stella take Wondercon!

There is that surreal moment when Kelly Sue Deconnick recognizes your daughter from Tumblr and calls her and her sister to the front of the line to take a photo — but I’m ahead of myself.

We decided to take the girls to Wondercon for spring break this year. We haven’t gone since it left San Francisco, but as the girls’ fandom has grown we thought they would enjoy a “real” con.

As they walked the floor, they got a lot of nice complements on their costumes. Carol Corps members in particular sought out Stella and got their pictures taken with her, proving once again that they are the best fans in fandom.

We were in line to get some of our Captain Marvel / Pretty Deadly books signed when Kelly Sue spotted Stella and recognized her from her photos on the Internet. Stella ran over and gave her a high five. Kelly Sue gave both the girls Carol Corps dog tags and came around the table to take a photo with them.

In all she was every bit as cool and nice in person as she had appeared to be in print and on the Internet. The girls were super happy and I was so glad that I was able to share with them some of the best of what the comic book community has to offer. 

Thanks to everyone who politely asked to take my girls’ photos and also to those who stopped to allow the girls to take their photo.

They had a wonderful time, and as a result, so did I.

You done good, Mom and Dad!  They’re awesome girls and I am SO GLAD they had a positive introduction to the comics community. 

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The absence of women in history is man made.

How petty

just look at babe ruth’s face tho

so confused

so lost

i love it

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Combining Ball point pen with digital. I’m not quite sure if it works.

Your a Juniper Lee fan, right? So how would you feel if CN made some sort of continuation/revival of the show?


Uhhhh, yes, I am. Quite a big one, actually (though I rarely talk about it here). Not sure where this question came from, though, because I’ve heard no talk about any of that, plus Juniper Lee was never all that popular to begin with.

Spin-offing Teen Titans is one thing; how many people do you know who’ve even seen The Life & Times of Juniper Lee?

That said, if, by some miracle, the network actually wanted to revive it in some way and was serious about doing so, I can’t think of a single fucking thing that could possibly turn me off that idea except whitewashing or making the main character a dude

(even if it was about the next generation of Te Xuan Ze’s or something, wHICH I COULD GET BEHIND BY THE WAY. even though the show is literally named after Juniper herself. but it was inspired by the Buffy and girl power is a big part of it in my book. like, Ray Ray is my favorite character on the show, but if a revival was revamped so that he’d be the main character, even if June remained the Te Xuan Ze, I’d protest the shit out of that)

honestly i’m just in love with the world and the mythology and the characters and the pOTENTIAL FOR MORE CHARACTERS, so any art changes, character changes, age changes, or any else the fuck kind of changes would probably do nothing to detract from my extreme willingness to get even a sliver of new information about this universe

like honestly i’ve gone into so many rants (verbal, written, talking-to-myself-in-my-head….) about things i wish so badly i could have more of. season 3 was really stepping things up, mythology wise (as much as i’ve busted guts laughing at all seasons and just stared at the show admiring the beauty of the dialogue and the art, the worldbuilding of season 3 just makes it all shine even more), and it felt like we almost got a glimpse of one of the greatest things to ever exist— and then it just. ended. pretty abruptly. i mean, yeah, no lingering plot threads, but LILA BEING IN THREE MEASLY EPISODES TOTAL WHEN SHE FELT LIKE A MAIN CHARACTER THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH??? DENNIS ENGAGING WITH THE TEAM AND BEING LESS OF A DOUCHE AND PROVING HIS WORTH???? RAY RAY + CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT???? FUCKIN’ JODY AND FINDING STUFF OUT AND KEEPING THE SECRET AND SLOWLY BECOMING PART OF THE TEAM, EVENTUALLY WITH OPHELIA JOINING TOO???? AND THE FOUR GIRLS HAVING SLEEPOVERS WITH MAGIC NAIL POLISH AND FAIRIES COMING TO VISIT AND THEN BECOMING LIKE JUST A REALLY TIGHT-KNIT GROUP WITH NO SECRETS AND VARIOUS KINDS OF ASS-KICKING??? (jody kicks so much verbal ass i can’t even believe. you start out thinking she’s this nice kid who never stands up to anybody and then you mess with her or her friends and SHE FUCKING LAYS DOWN THE LAW LIKE A BOSS WITHOUT EXPLODING. and ophelia man OPHELIA TALK TO ME ABOUT OPHELIA THE GOTH QUEEN OF MY HEART) AND THAT’S JUST THE THINGS I’M SO STARVED FOR THEY’RE ON MY MIND EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT THE FUCKING SHOW?????

bonus points if they could get the original writers and/or cast back, but as long as the writing and production is good, it’s probs optional. honestly. i would give my soul to have a juniper lee season 4 or reunion movie or something and dammit there had better be a reason for your asking of this question because i KNOW none of this is ever gonna happen but IT DOES NOT STOP ME FROM WANTING IT TO SO DESPERATELY I’M CRYING INTERNALLY RIGHT NOW


Would you like to see some sort of Juniper Lee revival of sorts?

Hmm, you know, sometimes i feel like i would yeah, but generally i’m still  of the opinion that a revival would probably not be quite the same, or they’d have to deliberately make it as different as possible, or some kind of continuation (like xiaolin chronicles, which i think is a pretty good example of a show being kinda the same in spirit, but a bit more different in execution)
Tho yeah! it’d be kinda cool if even something small was made, like a bumper or interstitial. Next year it’ll be 10 years after all, i’d love to see something made or even take part in making it : )


This speaker lights up in flames with every beat.

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i’m gonna be so xtremely busy with all this homework i shoulda done with the last week but on that note, it’s so nice to see the comics wikipedia page so up to date and full of info


i’m glad jake and zak are getting more attention lately but i’m still annoyed at the lack of juniper lee involvement

can we get some pics of juniper and kim and jenny and betty hanging out?? come on!!! cOME OONNN



i didn’t want to make a big deal out of this but i’m getting really upset that it’s been going on for months and i would just really like someone to help me

back last year my ex and i were working on a comic project together dubbed the perilous adventures. some of you might remember it!! however, due to personal reasons we no longer speak and, i assumed, the project was discarded.

BUT i have been informed, over the past few months, that this is not the case, and my ex is continuing the project that we worked on together, with the same storyline, but replacing the characters i created or helped create with very similar characters he made himself.

I AM VERY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS! however, he has blocked me from contacting him in any way, and no one i know has been willing to speak to him on my behalf.

i am asking now for advice on what i should do about this, because i’m shaking and upset and am unsure of what to do about it

his tumblr is adventuresoldier if you want to maybe tell him that it makes me uncomfortable and i would like him to stop, considering i have literally no way to tell him myself.



Endangered Tortoises Are Being Defaced on Purpose… to Protect Them

by Sabrina Elfarra

Some of the rarest tortoises in the world are a hot commodity on the black market for their unique golden shells which can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

In an effort to obstruct poachers, conservationists have made the bold move to carve into the shells of the tortoises, protecting the animals by making their domes less attractive.  The branded shells also make it easier for authorities to trace them if they are stolen.

“Endangered tortoises and turtles are facing a real threat, and we’re hoping that this will be an effective tool to keep them safe,” Eric Goode, the founder and president of the Turtle Conservancy told ABC News today.

Years of hunting have caused near extinction for many tortoise species, so sanctuaries and zoos are using identification marks, including laser inscribing, tattoos and engraving to hinder poachers and discourage collectors from paying a great deal of money for the animals.

Since the conservancy began putting the branded tortoises back into the wild in 2011, the shells have not come up in the black market, which officials believe is a good sign.

The Turtle Conservancy’s Behler Chelonian Center in Ventura County, Calif., has been working with ploughshare tortoises among others which originate from Madagascar. Their goal is to engrave the shells of both the ploughshares in captivity as well as those living in the wild…

(read more: ABCNews)

photos by The Turtle Conservancy

Turtle graffiti saving lives

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honestly what the hell

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From the episode Hologroj

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dawn knot

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