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haha okay…..

so i wake up today and i feel different

most of the feeling is because of that zombie dream i just saw(or implied zombie-dream)

i was at work(i have work today too) and had forgot to turn the extra lights on(for decoration, it’s a shop), but then noticed how every other shop around us was closed and everything was dark………so we just closed shop. I don’t even know how i had bought the coal before that moment, I think it might have looked like a game mechanic in-dream, but i didn’t notice that because i NEEDED the coal to heat the oven and stove back home and was gonna ask my boss if i could take them, but then i noticed how things were weird and then our boss said the news was bad and basically ordered us to get our stuff, we’re gonna trek to her car and escape
and then i knew shit was in-ex-scrutably* horrible
but for some reason i imagined more people running through the corridor and now it was lit?

and then i woke up
feeling in-ex-scrutably horrible still
and now i’m scouring the news for updates but looks like things aren’t as bad just regular new ahaha

but seriously, the first thing i was gonna do after starting the internet, was ask you guys if there were zombie around your neighbourhood, just in case
this is a legitimate worry for me after dreams like that

*probably not a real word

maybe i’ll make it into a comic

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