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Antoher quick commissions related post

Just re-iterating all the important points in case the last one was too long:
I’m opening these because:
i get to draw better stuff
focus my time on art more
say no to people who’d rather have me focusing on other careers(i.e. family, friends)

Prices range from 5$ to 12$
8-10 for full body paintings
7 for half body drawings
5-7 for portraits 
under 5 for varied types of sketches

there’s a lot of leeway tho so just contact me and inquire
here’s the better part of my devgallery: link,
art tags: drawinsby me, sketchesart blog
You can contact me at paypal) or

i’m outy now
I’ll mostly be internetless for now, but I’ll always have the library for that; I need to do these because 

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