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there’s been a lot of new people following me this week so all i wanted to say is: THANKS! i have no idea why people follow me, but it’s great there’s so many in the audience, even if i post very little or very silly/sad things.

also, would like to thank the 3+ people who replied about my side artblog url! thanks! i made it yesterday and it feels good. B-)

oops i reblogged from my sisters blog again…… i\m sorry i\m sorry, won\t happen again probably \_ ->-_/
 i thought i was the one logged in

oh fuck. i forgot it’s hourlies day today (or tomorrow??) gotta go fast then.

i’ve always been wondering what to tag genderbends and for a while tagged them as “rule 63” but that got confusing because numbers??? and. i guess i’m just going to tag it as genderbend if anyone wants to block that

I’ll probably forget what i’ve named my blog title from this title onwards, so far it’s really been just two different titles least. ever since i joined this site i guess.

made a new bg tile for my artblog and it is cute as heckles

made a new bg tile for my artblog and it is cute as heckles

wow, the want to post everything or anything freshly finished and post it RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT PLEASE is pretty annoying! I do wanna post stuff but ahaha i also wanna keep it under wraps and not fuss around that feeling of wanting to make stuff to post anyway bleagh XP

ok i’m  going on a longer hiatus again, i’ve been trying to post less, but about now feels like the right time.

Maybe i’ll post some drawings but otherwise, i’ll try to stay off the reblogging as much as possible v0v/

reminder that i have an ~***ART~**~BLOG***~ 
and that u don’t have to follow this silly fandom blog ok? i sure reblog a lot of those fandoms and stuff haha UuU

i should probably stop posting for the sake of some friends who still need to work on stuff or shouldn’t be on tumblr much anyways(like me!)

I’ll talk about my exam week maybe later. like a lot later probably. it’s been a lot to take in

i have like about three more exams and like….maybe 3 essays if i can finish them fast enough. and to distract from studying i’m going to try work on some stuff i’ve been putting on hold instead.(again a lot of stuff, but hey, better than nothing.)

question: should i make a fanpage on facebook for my art?

hey would anyone be interested in tutorials or explaining kinda stuff from me? because i like this sorta stuff where i learn from another artist’s process and such but i’m wondering where it would lead if i made some. yeah. so.

if anyone’s been wondering about that style meme thing i started last year or more ago and never finished…. sorry, i got too obsessed with making them and suddenly got busy again with school? yyeah


went back to gimp 2.6!! ugh 2.8 just has a really crappy brush system for me
i don\t like the weird slider in 2.8 and it\s not responding to my tablet anymore either so i\m just

yeah, rebloggin just to re-iterate: 2.6 is generally better-suited for my current editing and painting moods too yeah

i liked some features in 2.8 and i do believe an artist ain’t limited to their tools, but sometimes you just gotta weigh your options haha

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edit: so this has stood in my queued posts like this since….december….. shows how much i know how to schedule posts ahahaha

i feel like i’m going to have to ask every person who follows me from now on,
"do i know from before
"are you estonian"
"are you homestuck"
"do we happen to have the same obscure interests and fandoms and series"

oor just visit their blog ahaha