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A Wonder Woman sketch for Neopuff! I’m sorry it’s late and kinda too sketchy but i hope you like it!!



an older!Säde with watercolours on some leftover paper and a human Adalsysla(Sistah Adal!!!)! drawn at a coffee-place for my friend Katarina >w<

hAHAA oh my god older säde needs to shave so badly…. I lOVE IT and sister adal is so cute and chill jeez thank you so much anni!! 8)))

i just really like the colour scheme of this one, so i’m just gonna post these here anyway

made some talking aya gifs todayyy

SORRY, there is way tpp mich blinking going on!

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bit of screenshot doodlin today

Quick an’ rough redraw from a particular fav episode : P

80s AU June and Ray Ray, just as once prophethically joked in a post from two years ago.Sorry they ain’t coloured! but i’m just gonna forget where i had them the next time so might as well post.




Missed drawing Aya…. So this is what i doodled up. Have a good weekend everyone.

very very vague but i like where it went.


So i’ve been dabbling with trying to make my own font for a while and decided to try out this one…. if only just to see the preview(YourFonts is pay-for-service) The one thing that i miss the most is the letter Õõ! and no sites i’ve found so far had special characters in their template unless i payed for them. But i think i can probably live with either handlettering or using free fonts that do have õ in it for now.

kinda messed up but ehh, kind of like the over-all look.

welcome to waht happened over my weekend.

made a new bg tile for my artblog and it is cute as heckles

made a new bg tile for my artblog and it is cute as heckles

the secret saturdays are hella cute and that’s fact (some sketches from months ago)

um, finally got to try sculptris yesterday and

what is this

tried to colour some old drawing

tried to colour some old drawing