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A Wonder Woman sketch for Neopuff! I’m sorry it’s late and kinda too sketchy but i hope you like it!!



an older!Säde with watercolours on some leftover paper and a human Adalsysla(Sistah Adal!!!)! drawn at a coffee-place for my friend Katarina >w<

hAHAA oh my god older säde needs to shave so badly…. I lOVE IT and sister adal is so cute and chill jeez thank you so much anni!! 8)))

bit of screenshot doodlin today



Wanted to do a quick sketch for a friend of mine, but didn’t really have time nor had any idea on how to pose involving their favourite ship and a symbolical kfc bucket….until today! Hope i did these two even lil bit of in-character justice…man i’m not even sure how plausible this scenario would be in-canon BUT WHATEVS HAPPY 26TH OF DECEMBER CARRO 

a bunch of mike chiltons. i need to figure out how to draw this guy faster. and better i think.
whatever style i try to draw him in he keeps being kinda the same…style„,
tried some different hairstyles! wooo

Some kinda weird timeline? check the captions i guess
1,2-scribbles after experimenting with an animation software program
3-actually really like drawing the new hair-do. why wouldn’t she change her hair after 5 years or something
4- ahaha i’m gon’ ink this one
5,6 - really early sketches done for fun. not actually fanart of the actual fan-crossover but. like just theorizing and having fun trying to remember the td style from memory alone hah. having fun with inks i guess edit: also these were actually still based on carro’s drawings so

here’s my first batch of kinda rushed total drama crossover fanart doodles….. most of these i drew today! yayyy
there wee a bunch of jake doodles but i swear he kept looking less and less like jake long each time
about five kids done in td crossover versions? and maybe like…. 8 more to go??? cool

Jennnyyyy (these human jenny doodles from like… september. for this cartoon au idea i like)

here is one of the best junes i drew last month or so and one of the worst bens?? who know

A Coraline sketch for my sis! Fun to draw, as always :)

maybe i shouldn’t post this since it’s so unrelevant and stuff, but… i really wanna post more ray ray drawings!?? and just generally more of the other characters from juniper lee

So i drew some Zaks while going home and just wanted to post them now while they’re still sorta fresh hah
some in-show zak, a testing-out-the-marker-zak, finally got the hang of drawing the ben10 omniverse design aaand lil younger zak

I actually have so many zak doodles that i’m just too lazy to put them up properly or separately? kjdfnskds this kid is actually really fun to draw, what a cute design, what an adorable character haha

so yesterday late-nite warmups yeauhp