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Quick an’ rough redraw from a particular fav episode : P

"Monroe: Why are you carrying around a Barasafer in your knapsack?!
June: Because you never know if you’re going to need it. Besides, they’re harmless. They only attack evil beings. Despite our vicious sarcasm, we don’t qualify.
(June stows the Barasafer in her knapsack)
June: Oh, Ray Ray, think you can hold Jodi’s present in your knapsack?
Ray Ray: I’d rather have the genie!
June: Would you rather have a wedgie so fierce you’ll stop growing?
(Ray Ray gets a glum look on his face)
Ray Ray: Give me the present…"

- The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, episode 1 (via watertitan)

(via watertitan)

orchid bay world-building is probs literally all i want anymore

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i don’t even know how many headcanons for latojl i have like…. are those headcanons or were they implied canon or…??? i’ll just never know until i rewatch int in full with my sis
i also happen to have a lot of AUs for it. not just crossover AUs or orchid bay as something else aus. just different timelines and literally out of the blue stuff i have in the back of my head at the most random times

seeing more posts about juniper lee that aren’t from me or not really as related to the show
it’s like some blessing    t h a n k  y  o u u u

more relatedly, I FOUND SOME CONCEPT ART I’D BEEN LOOKING FOR AGES AND JUST.FOUND A WHOLE TREASURE-TROVE WOW it’s been two or so weeks cause i was waiting the exam season out but  i think i’ll post ‘em tomorrow jeee

okay, so I watched Juniper Lee when I was younger and it was still on cartoon network and I (kind of) remember this one sad episode where she found out she couldn't leave a certain area (her town? her country?) and thus not travel and stuff until she had passed on her powers like her grandmother did.. why was that? how do you feel about that? //and sorry if nothing makes sense, like i said, it was a while ago i watched it ((i should do it again shouldn't i)) :)

Oh man, i’m so sorry i’ve kept this unanswered for so long! especially since you answered my request pretty much as soon as i posted it! I wrote an answer right there and then but then my internet died and it was too late for me to restart or something and i can’t find the text anymore…. but here’s the short version?

it is a really good episode and imho one of the emotionally strongest out of the series, though for me, there are  I watched it when i was like 14/15/16?? and this episode left me with the strongest impression about the whole te xuan ze situation juniper has. I think it was aired out of order and it was one of the few eps i hadn’t seen of the new season at that time, so i was totally geared up to see something new but it really surprised me? Like what’s the saddest about a childhood where you get all these cool chances to go some place and you have to be stuck with a job anyway? I definitely sympathized with June as soon as the scene came where her grandma tells her what and why( which to me was kind of never explained much more, but was emotionally a right strike in on the nail. That it sucks, but yes, we all had to go through it and man, we sure got bamboozled with this whole gig,what the hell were these magical elders thinking, but i’m kind of alright with it cause i just see a lot of potential in these kinds of open notes). I saw the whole series in a different light after that(especially since it was mostly the episode i’d seen almost as the last one) ‘cause well, it’s a big deal yo. How many other cartoon shows have a protagonist who can’t leave even just their normal human  home town? i mean it seemed like a pretty big deal back then and i can’t remember any other series right now so yeah, it was pretty sad.
and there was that first appearance of a monster who was actually presented as more of a threat than those before…. cause regular people can see it too and it’s a shape-shifter and not like a benign one, but one who actually wants to tear a whole city down.idk i like that they made him so regular looking as a monster, like, hey! no big deal. But then it gets out and June’s almost got ‘im but can’t, because of that stupid dome around the town!  it’s one of those episodes i’d like to see on tv again one day, on a dvd or something.  

You can watch it or not watch it, whatever your taste about cartoons is. But… you might totes like it! It has all kinds of cool characters and these cute quirks in episodes? Like i’d recommend the viking ep (it takes a pillage, cause that’s what initially hooked me… ) and there’s not that much continuity to follow up  on except maybe the third season. 

Thank you so much though for taking the time to answer in such a short time!!! I love talking about this show and nothing makes me happier than hearing other people talk about it : )  

shows everyone should watch but nobody will watch - the life and times of juniper lee

shows everyone should watch but nobody will watch - the life and times of juniper lee

more of that sketch from yesterday U ˇ U


part of what makes “new trickster in town” really great is how demon loki changes all the clothes of the men in the bathroom into dresses/skirts, the reference to fenrir in the game show, popular ginger t-money thor, and t-money thor threatening demon loki with poisonous snakes. it’s like someone actually cracked a book.

i wonder if there were ever any te xuan ze’s who just thought, ‘aw to hell with it all’ and just started making babies as soon as possible
like if they really ever felt like the whole barrier dealie was way too much for them..




you cant stop the girl~

: D


you cant stop the girl~

: D

seriously the most under-rated character.

been drawing this dude a lot again
he a triangle
sometimes it’s kinda a shame that there’s all these characters from the show and then….. nobody draws them really anymore haha

Drew a Jasmine and then mixed around with the bg a bit :V