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same deal tho

i actually do have a lot of ~thoughts~ wrt the northern water tribe. in my shameful avatar RP days myself and a bunch of other people thought that the NWT would be the next ~villainy capital of the world~, considering the NWT’s cultural isolation and the implicated political dynamics it has with the rest of the world. they’re a loner country whose social practices and national identity developed without much foreign influence, unlike the EK whose cultural practices and national identity most definitely featured their relationship with the fire nation (especially in recent history). the NWT’s return to international politics occurs only because of a violent attack/attempted invasion that threatened the destruction of their entire belief system. if we imagine the spiritual desolation korra felt when she had her bending removed from her, imagine the terror shared by an entire nation when zhao killed the moon spirit. this of course would heavily influence national identity for years to come. 

i do see the problematic “racial” dynamics (if we can call it that, since i’m not sure how race is conceived in the avatarverse), or i guess more accurately we would call it color dynamics. at the same time i think bryke have thought about what they’re doing. its unfortunate that the NWT is a nation of brown people, and unfortunate that all the recent villains in LoK have been brown men. but bryke has yet to play into the savage brown man stereotype—all the NWT male villains have been pretty intelligent, and largely fleshed out. their villainy has little to do with their browness (if we compare to scarjo’s Lucy), but rather has much to do with the socio-political history of where they come from. 

and also important is that we have a brown woman defeating these brown men—it’s not really a case of whiteness squashing brownness, or anything like that

Sam’s excellent, excellent return commentary on my comments about lok-era NWT men being Bad News

"If you look for the light, you will often find it. If you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see."

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The Legend of Korra - Republic City scenery concept art

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Mako has the pride. Do you?

oh my god

I’m confused but also laughing

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Thunder Yak: slacktension: wow though suddenly in love with that idea of mako and...


wow though suddenly in love with that idea of mako and bolin’s parents being murdered at a party/festival setting in the city

because what a fantastic shock, for a murder to happen with a festival crowd surrounding it, and nobody noticing a little boy yelling because it’s not…

LoK Book 2 Trailer The elements

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Internet situation is still touch and go. Till I get sorted I might be posting these sporadically, but I’ll still try to post as often as I can! Thanks




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more because it needs to be a thing and I want it

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Are these back on sale? Yes there are!


Legend of Korra print to be sold at AnimeNEXT this weekend!

Tried a new style for this print, and I’m pretty peachy with how this turned out. 




i think one of the worst things about the general consensus of korra using the avatar state as seen in fandom/fanart/fic is that she would go out of control, and be horribly violent

it’s funny bc korra’s version of the avatar state is so calm, her face is blank as if she were meditating. while aang’s was nearly always born out of fury and losing control.

idk guys but i think our girl can handle it.

#dont get me wrong #korra is going to overuse the avatar state because this is a new ability for her #and she is going to use it to beat children at air scooter races #but i really dont see her flying into the avatar state in a rage that often #think about it #korra has felt extreme anger #she is an extreme character #and only after the quiet solitude of digging into herself does she unlock this incredibly powerful ability #i think this says more about her character than her flying off the handle #she’ll go into the avatar state often #and she will probably be angry doing it #but she will be focused about it #she uses her bending with aggression and acts without a plan #but she knows what she’s doing everytime she acts #she just doesnt have forethought most of the time #also i literally dont care if you disagree lmao this is speculation and who gives a fuck if i’m wrong in the upcoming seasons

Yeah, it’s far too common to see Avatar State Korra portrayed as, essentially, Avatar State Aang, and… that really doesn’t seem likely given what we know about Korra…?

Aang’s rage being linked to the Avatar State is a thing because those sorts of extreme emotions aren’t natural to him — before he found out he was the Avatar and woke up in a world where his entire culture had been dead for a hundred years, he’d been immersed in a spiritual practice that called for him to detach himself from his own feelings to find peace.  He has few defenses against the pain that he’s forced to deal with, so the Avatar Spirit defends him instead by trying to destroy whatever hurt him (and, failing that, just destroying whatever’s convenient).

Korra’s anger probably won’t trigger the Avatar State’s defenses, because she already has her own (too) firmly in place.  She might summon it in anger, but the violence she commits in that form will almost certainly be her violence, not the uncontrollable rage of a Superpowered Evil Side the way Aang’s was.

…I mean, I guess they could go for Korra losing control over the Avatar State through overuse, but that seems a lot less interesting than her just using it for the wrong reasons and having to learn how to deal with her own issues.  =/

bless this post and bless the both of you