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Here it is guys.



The single line I was given: Demonstrate how a fandom and/or group of people devoted to something (film, book, comic) can react as a group (or hivemind) through a social networking site or such.

This was a social experiment, guys.

And I didn’t expect it to get the popularity it got.

Let me start out by saying sorry.

Sorry if I got your guys hopes up for something like Sburb being real- or anything really. I didn’t mean to.

I didn’t expect it to get so popular!

But its proved my point.

Basically, look at how big the homestuck fandom is. From my friends I’ve met- I’ll never talk to 99% of the fandom- because there are SO many members.

But I can reach out to them.

With a single post.

I’ve talked to so many people today, through asks and such. And it’s been great. And it’s demonstrated the homestucks fandoms power.

People have been brought together and started speculating and laughing and trying to work out what happened.

A lot of people came into homestuck through different means. Stumbling across it- through friends, through family, through fan art, all of that. We all started out different places, but now we’re in the same place.

But we’re all so far apart. Different countries, languages, ages, personalities.

But we all share a love- Homestuck. Homestuck binds us.

Basically, you all came together, and wow. Well done.

So that’s all I can say. If you have any other questions, message them.

I’ll be recording the amount of notes, asks, and general reaction to this whole ideal to help me with the work I’ve been given to do with this.

To explain a little more about this, I was given the sentence at the start as a start of a ‘free-play’ work course I’m doing. And I have aaages to do it. I’ve been reading it and reading it and trying to find a way to demonstrate it, and today I was hit with an inspiration- Homestuck fandom and tumblr, and yes.

Any questions, send them to me.

So thank you guys.

And please don’t send me hate.

Love you guys.


Oh wow, that’s actually really cool! I’m happy to have been a part of your social experiment, dude!! 8D

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