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love how bus drivers give each other that little wave or nod when their buses pass like they’re in a secret bus driver club who are actually on a way more important mission than what seems, they’re actually out preventing public mayhem and evil villains on fake nuclear buses.

you know, i once daydreamed of a cartoon about this

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Disney Channel Asia promo


Erik Olson, Black Wave, 2012


i like how they drop a little BJC trivia now and then.

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i should do some burners stickers gosh UwU


Us at Space Mountain at DIDNEY LAN last week right after watching “Ranx”.  Focus on the calmness of the lake, fellow fanterns, have hope.


Us at Space Mountain at DIDNEY LAN last week right after watching “Ranx”.
Focus on the calmness of the lake, fellow fanterns, have hope.




Hey fandom, can we please not post comments like these on Mike’s storytelling blog? It’s rude. You can gripe about Book 1 until the cows come home, but doing it rather passive-aggressively in a way that barely responds to the content of Mike’s post is in bad taste/secondhand embarrassment-inducing, imo. Just - I’m sure he’s well-aware of how you feel. No need to go out of your way to tell him again. 

Bryke has done a fabulous job of not being intrusive with the fandom, so please pay them the same respect.


@JamesJeanArt: Cameron Monaghan, Acrylic and Oil on Wood Panel, 12 x 12”, 2012.  

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Now that Motorcity is almost over…

Here are the Burners singing the 80-est, crowd-pleasing-est, rock-ballad-est song there is.

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I don’t like looking people in the eyes while I walk around town because they might challenge me to a Pokemon battle and I just don’t have time for that.

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"Grandma, I sneezed and trashed my room! What’s wrong with me? It’s not one of those becoming a woman things is it?"

- Hay Lin (W.I.T.C.H.)

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can we as a species please just accept the fact that languages are constantly evolving and words can change meaning, not based on a bunch of academics’ decisions but rather how they are used in the common vernacular

for instance, “literally”

can be used to mean “in actual text” 

or it can also be used as hyperbole

why? because that is how speakers of the english language use it

is fucking why

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[how to]: download/install GIMP.


we all know how much of a hassle finding a free photoshop link can be. plus, we’re pretty much aware that that is illegal, as well. photoshop is pricey, so, if you’re like me and work at a minimum wage job that only schedules you for about fifteen or sixteen hours a week, there is no way you can afford that. 

luckily, i’ve found you a cheaper solution. it’s called gimp. i first heard about this lovely invention through a website i used to be quiet fond of called gaiaonline. I’ve since drifted away from the lovely website and am now 100% dedicated to tumblr, but that’s beside the point. 

gimp is almost exactly like photoshop, in most of it’s elements. except the one golden point. IT’S FREE! you can use it to remove backgrounds, color, make .gifs, ect. ect. ect. 

now i  bet you’re all asking yourselves: “HOW  DO I GET THIS INVENTION THAT SOUNDS MAGNIFICENT!” simple. follow the detailed instructions given out in this tutorial and all will be jolly-good. (did i seriously just say that?)

open your web browser. i’m 97% sure that you already have it open, seeing as you are reading this. but just in case you have some magical invention where you can browse tumblr without having a browser open, i felt the need to put this step in there. 

type the following url into the address bar. and that url would be That will bring up this page. 

once there, click the “download” gimp button. i bet you could have figured that much out for yourself. if you get any dialogue boxes, like are you sure, what to name it as. Well, that stuff is pretty much do whatever you want. 

open the .exe file. click run, or yes, or whatever it is on your computer, and then follow the directions on the installer! i can’t tell you exactly what to click because maybe you’d rather have it in like, mandarin instead of english(if they even have that language..)

yay, you have now successfully installed gimp 2.8! Congrats, you now have free photo manipulation software. aren’t you just hot stuff?

for more gimp tutorials, be sure to follow